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“Things You Can’t Control” Trevor Young

“Things You Can’t Control” Trevor Young

Interviews Music New Releases News Singer Songwriter
225-michael   October 21, 2021

Trevor Young: 225 Live Events Interview

“Things You Can’t Control”

For many of us, this would describe much of the last the last couple of years, especially as it relates to the live music scene.

For this gifted musician, “Things You Can’t Control” will always be his favorite song on the SOJA album Beauty In The Silence. 

Since the age of ten, Trevor Young has been living every aspect of the world prolific.  After touring the world with two Grammy nominations under his belt, his creativity knows no bounds.

During our interview with Young, he told us “Things You Can’t Control” is his favorite song because it was the first time, he had a song where he was the sole singer on a SOJA record.  His road to success, however, may have been one of the things he could not control.

Initially introduced to the reggae musical stylings of Bob Marley at a very young age, Trevor’s main interest was encouraged from bands such as 311, Sublime and coincidently SOJA. Eric Clapton, Tom Morellow and Jimi Hendrix were also big influencers as a young guitarist and singer.  As his electric guitar talents continued to develop, Young also became familiar with the piano and drums, as well as several other stringed instruments.

In his hometown of Delaware, Young had formed the band Chowderfoot, a very well-known band he had stayed with throughout high school and college.  With hopes of making it big, they hit the road and moved to the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX.  This is when “everything fell through” for the band Chowderfoot, Young tells us.

Back to life in Delaware, Young attended a SOJA performance in Ocean City, MD to try and ask for a job. Young tells us, “I saw the lead singer pre-show and asked him who changes his guitar strings?  He said he did, I went on to explain to him that I grew up working in a music store and I knew how to work on everyone in the band's gear.  Before they went on stage, he told me that the band had a meeting about me and wanted me to meet with them after the show.  I did and spoke mostly with the percussionist who also was kind of the production guy.  He explained they had a big tour coming up and they potentially had a bunk in the bus for me.  Took a couple of tense weeks waiting for the call confirming this, but finally it came, and I was off to Arlington VA to help the boys on their sold-out Summer tour.”

After the tour had ended, it wasn’t long until his career took another turn.  The former guitar tech was now a singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band SOJA.

Since then, he has played on three studio albums, one live album and one cover album. Beauty In The Silence is the first of SOJA’s albums granting Trevor Young producer credit. The album made its big debut in September of this year as the #1 Reggae Album on the Billboard charts. He has toured the world and performed with some of today’s most esteemed artists in the industry, including a couple of his early childhood idols, 311 and sublime.

SOJA has a couple of shows remaining for 2021, but Young tells us they have some “big things in the works for 2022 as well.” They have had two Grammy nominations and he would love nothing more than to dust off his Grammy suit and have their new album finally take home the win for Best Reggae Album.

As the world awaits what SOJA has in store for 2022, Trevor will continue with his venture as a solo artist performing, writing and producing.  Fortunately for us, Trevor loves the Baton Rouge music scene.  He claims it as one of the most accepting and accessible ones that he has ever lived in.  When we asked him if there was anything he would change, all he could offer was no matter how big or small, “get out and see some live music.”  His answer, of course, was referring to the amount of time that was once again not in any of our control.  The time spent where they were not able to perform, and people were not able to get out and see music.  “Well this time is over and we wanna see more of you out at the shows.” Young says.

Trevor Young’s musical career may not have been in his control, but he has a lot to show for it.  He now calls Baton Rouge his home and we are grateful to have him.  “All thanks to his amazing wife Allie.”

"Things You Can't Control" written by Trevor Young

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