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Governor Edwards Bans Dancing in Louisiana

Governor Edwards Bans Dancing in Louisiana

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225-michael   August 20, 2020

The state of Louisiana has been introducing some serious measures to try and curb the spread of the coronavirus, and the latest one bans all dancing!

Some previous orders included no hand-shaking, no hugging, no funerals and no hospital visits, and the inhabitants of Louisiana are getting pretty angry with their lack of freedom.

Louisiana is known to be a state that loves dancing, and the new rules certainly aren’t going to go down well.LOUISIANA INTRODUCES A DANCING BAN

A rumour has been emerging online that the state of Louisiana has banned dancing, but is it actually true? The answer is yes!

Louisiana’s State Fire Marshall Butch Browning has revealed that dancing is now completely prohibited in the state.

He told KLFY, a television station in Lafayette, Louisiana: “Dancing is not allowed at all, indoors or outdoors. It’s been very challenging for people to remember that because you know, we’re a dancing state and if you’re not dancing, you’re not living.”

This comes after John Bel Edwards, the 56th Governor of Louisiana introduces a series of Emergency Orders.


A video has been going viral on Facebook from Louisiana’s Central City News that shows a certain person completely ignoring new order.

Tony Spell is Reverend at Life Tabernacle in Baton Rouge, and his congregation responded to the ban by singing “Dancing In The Spirit, Gotta Keep Dancing.”

The video shows them continuing to dance despite the Governer’s ban.


The State Fire Marshall didn’t actually reveal a specific reason why the Governor was introducing a dancing ban within the state, but it is clear that it is a measure to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Dancing encourages people to interact closely with each other and disregard social distancing measures, therefore by banning dancing, the risk of the virus spreading is reduced.

However this isn’t the first order that the Governor has made, with some others prohibiting hugging, funerals and hand-shaking.

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